Due to the made to order handmade nature of the jewelry, returns, refunds and exchanges are not available. I work very hard to check each item individually for any defects. Everything is put together by my own two hands, so I am in charge of quality control. I do my absolute best to send everything out in perfect condition, but if you happen to receive a damaged item (broken chain/clasp, etc.), I will send a replacement as long as you provide photographic evidence of your damaged item. However, this policy only applies for two weeks after the item has been delivered to you.



Your jewelry should last years with no tarnishing if cared for correctly. Most of the items are made from aluminum, which is a great non-tarnishing metal. However, your jewelry should never get wet and should be stored in a dry area. It is not recommended for the jewelry to be stored in bathrooms, as the steam from showers may cause tarnishing.