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Don't you miss when you were a kid and on your way out the grocery store, you got to put two quarters in a machine and you received a random sticker? Remember that excitement, not knowing if it will be one you've been waiting for, or one you already have 17 of. 

THE STICKER VENDING MACHINE IS BACK! It's me, HI! I'm the vending machine.

Times are tough, treat yo' self is MIA, groceries cost 1000% more than they used to, and the stores don't even have stickers :( 


I'm here to help! $2.00 gets you 1-2 random stickers sent straight to you! You can select 100% random, or choose a theme you would prefer! Other than that, you won't know what you get until that special little envelope arrives in your mailbox (owls are all retired now; RIP Hedwig). 

"Vending Machine" is $2.00 plus shipping. Shipping costs cover postage fees and packing supplies. Stickers will be mailed USPS First Class Mail with *NO TRACKING*. If you have any issues with delivery please email me and we will work something out :)


I hope these stickers can bring a little joy to your day, thanks for playing!


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